From now on, there won't be a gesture, nor a blink of the eye, which does not commit me irrevocably, which does not change the course of my life.               - Louis Aragon

Dave DiRentis specializes in on location portraits, head shots, event photography, and weddings. Based just outside the city of Philadelphia and working all around the region... and sometimes well beyond. 

I am a portrait, event, and wedding photographer based just outside of the city I grew up in, our nations second capital, Philadelphia.

If you ask what my style is, I'll tell you it's still evolving. That's probably true for most photographers. I think however that no matter how my shooting style morphs over time, it will always lean towards the clean, simple, dramatic, and classic.

My camera carrying days started in high school. From that time I walked a number of different paths and it's enabled me to find a comfort zone almost anywhere I need to go to shoot. From repair shops, machine shops, and construction sites to corporate offices and art museums, to beaches in Aruba and Costa Rica. In 1986 when I was tooling around Italy, I was sporting a Yashica 35mm. By the time my wife and I landed in China in the spring of 2009 to meet our daughter and start our family, I was carrying the venerable and game changing Nikon D3's.

Some of my clients have included the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Sellers Dorsey, West Chester University, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I've worked up and down the east coast and of course outside the U.S. as well.


Life  a sequence of events, captured for a moment, interpreted in a way unique to each individual, then lost to the past - our memory. In that moment we call the present, life is perceived by the senses and we exist in the most profound sense, then from this moment our memory is born and the sensual experience is gone. "  -author unknown

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