Juan Garcia Bossio

Local flavor with an international flair…

Juan has studied and played music all over the world. He currently makes his home in the Philly area and I’ve been lucky enough to do a couple of sessions with this talented artist.

For this session we did a mix of natural light, and simple studio set ups which was usually just a single Broncolor Siros 800L. This was also more of the Nikon D850, typically with Nikon 85mm glass.

Having worked with Juan before he had no problem relaxing… when he got to the studio were using that day, he just grabbed a chair, plugged into the amp next to him, and started playing! He’s typically a pretty laid back guy, but this was a whole other level! Was hard not to laugh as I was setting up. Then I just enjoyed the tunes while I was breaking out the Broncolor 150cm and stripboxes.

For more info on Juan, hop on over to his website on Squarespace.