West Chester / Music Portraits

This session was with JC Dobrzelewski... a professor, a father, and a very talented musician. This very laid back gentleman is multilingual, a founding member of the Trumbamundi band, and the driving force behind the amazing annual music festival at West Chester University. It's always such a pleasure to spend time with this intelligent and dynamic guy! We had a great time on the shoot creating some new images for posters, cd's, and web use. 

An Evening at the Barnes

An Evening at the Barnes Foundation.

Young Professionals Friday Night: Picasso's Rose Period

Last Friday evening was an amazing one at the Barnes Foundation on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Center City, Philly.

The folks at the Barnes hosted their 'Young Professionals Friday Night: Picasso's Rose Period event'. It was perfect weather for dancing on the terrace or enjoying drinks in front of the outdoor fireplace.

The turnout for the event was beyond expectation and considering how well the evening went, I think they will have no problem packing the space for future events as well! 

Steven Sean Cohen

A little time with a home grown artist... 

Recently I had the pleasure of doing a shoot for local artist, Steven Sean Cohen. This will likely be the first of a series of shoots we will do. To get things rolling we visited different parts of the city and created some images to help promote his current projects and upcoming CD releases. 

Steve wanted to keep the shoot local and moderately familiar without being too obvious - aka no Rocky Statue! Being a Philly native, I think the gritty, rustic, cultural aspects of our historic city are nice fit for Steve's style. He's a down to earth, straight forward guy. What I most like is his ability to give you a 'what you see is what you get' manner, and conversely, surprise you with his artistic abilities.  

I have not had a chance to delve too deeply into his newer tunes yet, but his previous releases were very much a Springsteen / Elton John sort of feel. I use to think he had a bit of a Steely Dan lean to his work at times. However you want to define his sound then or now, he's a talented and dedicated artist.

We had a great time on our first shoot and I'm looking forward to both our next session and getting more familiar with his latest music. A couple of the tracks I heard during our jaunt around the city were definitely tunes I'll be adding to my iPod playlist.

Since there will be a couple of sessions and likely coverage of an upcoming performance or two for Steve, I will be adding him to the 'Projects' section of the site. Stop back for updates! 

If you feel like a night out for some live music, Dobbs will be featuring Steve and his band, the Elton Costello Band, on Friday, October 4th from 8-11pm. You can also hear some of his music now on Reverb Nation.

(Flyer design for the Dobbs performance by Khaos Studios)


Tales from a petrol head...

The show, which is held annually, was at the New Hope Solebury High school this year. We made a stop in to check out the sites on a Sunday... There were classic Rolls Royce beauties, Ford GT beasties, and a whole array of other cars on hand.

According to the 'Visit New Hope' website, this was the 56th annual show. This was also the 4th year that the show offered a road rally as well! Starting on Sunday morning at 10am the challenge includes a list of questions that as you answer them will provide you with directions to the final destination of the rally. Once there, if you're answers are correct, you win! There were trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last place. Hmmm.. last place? Anyway, it's a nice event. If you like classic cars of every kind, take a ride out to New Hope next year and enjoy the sites and sounds. Traffic and parking were a little tough, but it wasn't long before we got it sorted and had a nice afternoon.


Happy tails...

A Beagle by another name... 

This is Katie. She's a 13" Beagle who came to us thru the Tails Network and Peace for a Life Animal rescues. Terry, who founded Peace for Animals, knew we were willing to foster and gave us Katie's story.

Katie was in Ruin Creek animal shelter down in North Carolina as a stray. She was on the short list to be put down. So the transport volunteers took her from NC to NJ, and that's where we met her and Terry.  

At first she was mostly just scared all the time. If you moved to quick she would nearly have a heart attack. Despite this it was evident  she did not have an aggressive bone in her tiny little body. It also seemed like this creature never knew affection either. She got along just fine with our Italian Greyhounds and could care less about our cats. For some reason my wife started calling her Katie and it stuck. 

Little by little her personality emerges and she is quite a character. Mostly she shadows our one male Italian Grey, Pants. It's pretty fun since she is short and wide and he is tall and skinny! Now, you can be find her snuggling with each of our three IG's.

At the moment I am getting the feeling we will fail at our foster with her since my wife is getting way too attached. She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever known and I find it hard to believe that she was days away from being put to sleep. She makes the funniest noises and has replaced our deaf kitty, Tilly, as the silliest critter in our home.

For all of my friends who rescue or foster, keep up the amazing work! For those of you considering an animal for your home, please consider rescuing first. There are dozens of rescues in our area...  Operation Ava, Green Street Rescue, PAWS, Delco SPCA, and many others. In another post I will share some info about our Italian Greyhounds as well as full size Greyhounds and rescues...