Bold in NY

Model: Hannah Middleton

I had the great privilege to work with some amazing up and coming models on this project. The makeup, hair, and clothing artists were bold and fun. I’m always amazed at how a good model can take their intensity thru any look or style and knock you off your feet!

The gear for the day was pretty straightforward…. Nikon D850, natural light, and Profoto strobes with simple one or two light set ups. It was a great day with a great group of artists. The only thing I could have done without, the traffic heading home to Philly!

‘I hate men who are afraid of women’s strength.’ - Anais Nin

Make up: Corinne Tweed; • Stylist: Mickey Boom; • Hair: Michelle DeMartino

Model: Lauren Switzer

Model: Lauren Switzer

Model: Kay Doyle