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Environmental portraits have become my primary focus. 

Creating an image that is not only flattering to my client but also reveals them in their element is what interests me most.  

In some cases a company may have a look that represents them and I need to deliver that on both an aesthetic and technical level.

Other times I have complete freedom to develop a look and feel for my client. One on hand, this is a tremendous pressure. On the other, it represents an opportunity to collaborate with a client to create an image that reflects what they want to convey.

This kind of creative, collaborative solution is something I truly enjoy. 



Lifestyle - Documentary

This kind of portraiture is very consistent with the environmental style in my opinion. 

Going out with a couple, family, or their children to a favorite location like a park, the beach, or into the heart of the city, really helps tell their story. 

While lighting or posing can be involved with a session, my preference is often to set things in motion and stand back while a more natural moment unfolds. 

If I'm covering an event or working on a project, moments tend to unfold all around. This style of image is so revealing and natural... 


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