I am KillerWhale

"A touch of funk and hip hop, to classic 80' electro-synth-pop."


Music from 2050?

One of the bands that bass player Juan Garcia-Bossio plays for regularly, is KillerWhale. He invited me catch one of their performances recently here in Philly, at The Barbary. The Barbary may be a small place but it filled up damn fast and KillerWhale had the crowd pumped. 

To describe what these guys sound like, I had to go to his FB page and see how they put it…

“KillerWhale's music feels like a futuristic electo-pop-funk house party. Imagine if Rick James, Tv On The Radio, Bad Brains and David Bowie, all decided to make an album together in the year 2050.” “You'll fully understand why this odd yet musically groundbreaking combination works, once you've heard the pop, punk and funk stylings of KillerWhale.”

Originally from Canton, Ohio, KillerWhale now calls Philly home and he’s making a splash all over the region. Recently he opened for Macy Gray in NY and I believe there’s a deal in the works with MTV.  One of my favorite descriptions of the band is this one, “KillerWhale kinda sounds like... if you sent Rick James to the future in a pimped out Millenium Falcon to help spread the funk.”

He’ll tell you his influences are ALL the greats… “front men and women of all genres of music, past and present.”                                                      Catch more of KillerWhale spreading the funk on SoundCloudFacebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

KillerWhale on stage at The Barbary



Left to right: bass player Juan Garcia-Bossio, Jake Bernard