I first met Kyo doing a model search for a project. It didn't take long to realize that we stumbled upon somebody who was pretty special. 


Leave your preconceptions at the door...

I set up a first meeting with Kyo at a local Starbucks and we had a great conversation. Kyo has a great look, presence, and edginess that is both subtle and surprising, but that's not where it ends. Being on the quiet side, it can be a little tricky getting a solid impression... eventually you realize that you are not the one in charge of the conversation. Reserved, attentive, insightful and extremely intelligent... did I mention Kyo was an engineering student? This 'kid' is beyond impressive and on top of all of it, has the ability to completely transform depending on the look you need during a session. It's a bit mesmerizing!  These are some images from our first mini session, with more work together planned for the future... stay tuned!