Robt Sarazin Blake

On a recent evening, at the Germantown Ave studio, Working While Playing hosted a performance by Robt Sarazin Blake.

Let's start, here - Robt vs Robert…. This little tidbit is actually given it’s own link on Blake’s website. In his words, ‘Robt is simply an abbreviation of Robert. It is pronounced the same, but takes two less letters to spell.

That off beat, quirky, directly in your face response, to that spelling question, will give you a little glimpse at Blake’s personality and his music. 


His show was a blending of song, rambling anecdotes, and spirited confabulation that felt as much like art house workshop as concert. Blake’s quick to add a wild eye and a wry smile like a wardrobe to his recitation, and share some heartfelt laughter with the audience as he engages and dances them into his narrative…

As to that unique style, the title to his new ‘wide, rolling yawp, of a double album’  is Recitative. If the definition doesn’t exactly pop to mind, it’s more or less as I described, a style of song that involves singing, narrative, and dialogue.

It was a great evening of song, performance, and neighborhood conversation. Forest and Main Brewing Co., provided refreshments that helped enliven the already colorful show.

Take a deeper dive and learn more about Blake’s background, sound, travels, and his newest full length recording, Recitative, on his website... 

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