Under the Oak

'Humble songwriters, sharing their hearts through folksong.'

Adam Monaco

Simple and heartfelt...

I stumbled onto Under the Oak and while I have to admit that I'm not really a folk music kind of person, Adam Monaco and Maggie Pope, completely changed my mind. I went to see them at a small local place in Manayunk, Dawson's Pub, and before the night was over I was a fan. They are typically a duo but they enlist the aid of fellow artists to round out their sound for larger shows and festivals. One of those musicians lending his vocals, slide guitar, bass, and banjo skills to their sound,  is Chris Peace. You'll find him with Adam and Maggie on stage and lately, in the studio... stay tuned for that news!

Chris Peace, Adam Monaco, Jim Love, Maggie Pope, Huey McBanjo

Huey McBanjo (Huston West)

Left to right: Chris Peace, Adam Monaco, Maggie Pope 

Chris Peace, Adam Monaco, Maggie Pope

Adam and Maggie

Maggie Pope

Left to right: Chris Peace, Jim Love, Catelyn Gipe

The vibrant neighborhood crowd at Dawson's Pub

Adam Monaco